Your Newest Member of the Policy and Government Affairs Team


Hello, and Happy New Year!

I’m Jacqueline Hixson, the newest addition to the American Nurses Association’s (ANA’s) Policy and Government Affairs team.

It’s no mistake that I came to work at ANA. Nursing has always been near and dear to me, as my mother is a psychiatric nurse. I remember the hard work she put into her job and the long hours she worked while she was getting her master’s degree to become a child and adolescent therapist, all while raising two children as a single mom. Nurses live every day for their patients, and I couldn’t be happier to have landed here at ANA where I can support nurses every day.

Coming to ANA has been a great opportunity for me to live my personal values in my professional life. When I was 18, I was a professional ballerina living without health insurance. I was one injury away from bankruptcy – which to me is unacceptable. Working for ANA means I can make a big difference in the lives of citizens by advancing health care policy that has patients in mind – just like my mom did and nurses everywhere do.

My background is in political campaigns: as a fundraiser, communications director, manager, and consultant on campaigns nationwide. Originally from Georgia, I’ve had great opportunities here in the Washington, D.C. area to make a difference in my community and for our nation.

Now that you know how I got here, let me tell you a little bit about what I do!

As you may know, ANA has long had a Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to electing nursing leaders to Congress. Sometimes, we’re fortunate enough to elect a nurse (like Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D-IL-14)), which is always exciting!

An association’s PAC raises funds from voluntary member contributions to elect officials who align with the association’s purpose, values, and priorities. As ANA-PAC’s Coordinator, I have the distinct opportunity to help elect leaders who advance legislation and policy that move nurses and the health care field forward every day. What a dream job!

If you have any questions regarding the ANA-PAC I’m always happy to chat. Give me a ring at 301-628-5014 or email me at; I’d love to hear from you! Of course, you can always learn more at