The 114th Congress by the Numbers


As this 114th Congress comes to an end, here’s an overview of the 114th republican led Congress by the numbers:

The House has been in session for just 217 days as of December 6, compared to 252 days in session at this same point during the Democratic-led 111th Congress.

There have been 75 closed rules so far this Congress – which limit debate, reduce transparency, and block Members from offering amendments on legislation.

21 major pieces of legislation have been signed into law. A total of 248 bills have been signed into law, compared to 290 bills signed into law. Republicans have voted 65 times total to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act this Congress.

The 114th Congress was unable to pass a Budget or Complete the Appropriations Process.

As the 114th Congress comes to a close, the House left some important work on the table, such as:

  • Taking action to address gun violence in America;
  • Taking up legislation to raise the minimum wage, secure equal pay, or offer paid sick and family leave;
  • Addressing student debt;
  • Putting our nation on a fiscally sustainable path;
  • Fixing our broken immigration system; and
  • Protecting voting rights.

Looking towards the 115th Congress which will be led by Republicans as they take control of both Congress and the White House, it is the responsibility of their leaders to govern and address the issues most important to the American people.


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